“My motto, As I live and learn, is: Dig And Be Dug, In Return.” – Langston Hughes


Dug Song is co-founder and former chairman & CEO of Duo Security, Michigan’s first tech unicorn and multibillion venture-backed acquisition. As a founder and funder, Dug is a champion for growing community wealth - economic, social, cultural, and environmental - to build a more just and inclusive future for all.

Dug is heavily involved in the global startup community and fostering entrepreneurship in Michigan as an active investor, advisor, and board member. He is co-founder/chair of the Michigan Founders Fund, helping entrepreneurs turn business success into positive community impact, and serves on the boards of the Detroit Regional Chamber and the US Department of Commerce’s National Advisory Council for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, with a focus on racial justice and economic equity.

In 2020, Dug and his wife started the Song Foundation to invest in the innovative people and organizations improving the quality of life for all in Southeast Michigan. Song also serves on the executive board of Wallace House, home of the Knight-Wallace Fellowships for journalists, and on the advisory board of Venture for America in Detroit.

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